Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Singapore is definitely one of my favourite cities to visit considering it is only a 50 minute flight away from KL. Besides being close to KL (thereby making it the perfect getaway destination), I love how easy it is to move around Singapore with its  fantastic and affordable transport system. Not to forget that it is also a safe and ultra-clean place to travel and live. But I’m definitely not loving the strong currency (SGD 1 = ~ RM 2.52). Sigh…

A couple of weeks ago, my family from Melbourne visited KL and we decided to take a short trip to Singapore. Believe it or not, this was our first family trip – all 9 of us trooped along. Just imagine how chaotic it was trying to wake everyone up at 5 am, and leaving for the airport by 6 am to catch an 8.30 am flight! It was truly a mad dash to catch our flight.

We travelled via Jetstar to Singapore and the flight was pleasant and took off as scheduled (something you got to be thankful for when travelling on a budget airline!). Now, this may sound a little strange but I always look forward to landing in Changi airport. It’s one of my favourite airports and this is saying a lot as I travel a great deal and spend more than my fair share of time in airports. Shopping is great and food is everywhere in Changi! What I also like is that you can travel throughout all 3 terminals via the internal train to enjoy the full facilities of the airport. I almost always never have enough time whenever I’m in Changi.


But enough about the airport, let me tell you about our hotel. Having stayed at many different hotels in Singapore before, I’ve got to say that Marina Bay Sands is one of those hotels that you must stay in at least once even if just to say that you’ve been there and done that!

The place comes complete with hotel rooms, a casino, convention and exhibition centre, shopping malls, museum, theatres, 7 “celebrity chef” restaurants, an ice skating rink, a Sky Park with a 150 m infinity pool, two floating crystal pavilions, and not to forget, an amazing view.

We were allowed to pre check-in before 3 pm, though the rooms were only handed over much later. Still, this was good as we just dumped our bags and roamed about the vast grounds freely. Unfortunately, we only managed to get 2 rooms around 3.30 pm as the check-in process was a tad slow due to the high volume of guests. The 3rd room was handed over to us around 5.30 pm. I was a little irked by this but once we stepped into our room, all those issues were immediately forgotten.

Blog SG Room Blog SG 6 Blog2 Blog SG 5The room was very neat and clean. The washroom was huge. The king size bed was comfortable. The TV was equipped with cable channels. The room can comfortably accommodate 4 people – 3 on that large bed and another on a sofa bed located at one end of the room. We were lucky to get such a great view facing the esplanade and Singapore city (extra charges for this view, thanks mom!). There was nothing I disliked about this room. Nothing! Oh, but make sure not to touch the stuff at the minibar, once it’s even lifted from its position, it automatically gets charged to your bill.

Blog SG 4{The view from my room on the 39th floor}

Blog SG 3

The highlight of my trip was definitely swimming in the infinity pool located at the Sky Park on the 57th floor! The view was breath-taking! To top it off, we were there on the weekend where Singapore was having her rehearsal for its National day (August 9th) so we managed to witness the flypast of various military aircraft and fireworks! What a beautiful sight that was.

Blog Water 1

Blog SG 1You can have drinks, snacks and cocktails at the Sky Park and just absorb the beautiful view. Bliss.

Singapore Trip 2013 July  (53)Singapore Trip 2013 July  (54)

Singapore Trip 2013 July  (68)Singapore Trip 2013 July  (70){Pre dinner snacks and drinks}

You can also look upon the magnificient Gardens by the Bay from the 57th floor. The bay is accessible through the hotel and is only a 5 minute walk away. Definitely a walk worth taking.

Blog SG 2All in all, I enjoyed my stay at Marina Bay Sands thoroughly and would definitely visit again for special occasions!

Singapore Trip 2013 July  111


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