An Italian Dinner Party

an italian dinner

One of the things I love about having a big family is that parties happen on a regular basis. About a week ago, we were invited to Jon’s cousin’s home for an Italian themed dinner. She’s a real whiz in the kitchen, and with the help of a couple of recipes from Jamie Oliver, cooked up a sumptious 6 course feast for the 7 of us single-handedly. How she pulled that off still baffles me. And here comes the food. I warn you, seeing these pictures may cause you to become insanely hungry.

2- starters 3 - figs, olives prosciutto 4 - sicilian fish soup 5 - salad 6 - pasta8 - tiramisu

– Olives and grapes
– Cheese, prosciutto, basil and figs
– Lettuce cups with scallops and mango
– Sicilian fish soup
– Sweet, mild tomato fettuccine with shrimp
– Tiramisu

We spent the evening enjoying the food and playing a few games including one on Italian trivia.

Christopher Columbus referred to this newly discovered food as “pinas de Indes”, or Indian pine cone. What fruit did Columbus discover and bring back to Europe?


And there was a prize for getting the most number of questions right. The prize, you ask? Chocolate.

Later, we savored tiramisu while taking in the gorgeous view from her home.

view of kl from bangsar We left with full tummies and happy hearts. We can’t thank you enough for the lovely night, Priscilla.

(All photos by Jon)


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