As you might already have guessed, we love trying out new places and sharing the good (and sometimes the not-so-good) with you. Luckily, we’ve got a keeper on our list of restaurants today. On a street lined with Korean restaurants, we found Todamgol.


While visiting Singapore back in May, I stayed at the Amara Hotel which is just a short stroll down from Little Korea Street. Spoilt for choice, we settled on Todamgol to have our dinner and boy, am I glad we did! I later discovered that the owners of Kko Nara (one of my fav Korean restaurants in Singapore, infamous for their Korean fried chicken) are the people behind Todamgol.


We were quickly greeted by the friendly and attentive staff as we walked into this cosy and uniquely decorated restaurant. What caught my attention was a cute hut nestled right in the middle of the restaurant. I almost felt like I was sitting by the beach having a Copacabana until I heard “An Yang Ha Se Yo” (How are you today?) by the lovely waitress that brought us the menu.T3

Scanning through the menu, we were not sure how to place an order – should we order a few dishes or just one? But after a quick chat with the waitress, we were told that one dish is sufficient as their portions are quite generous.


We settled for Bu Dae Ji Gae (SGD 35) which is a vegetable stew with noodles, spam and mushroom. We were also served 5 different banchans that consisted of pickled vegetables, kim chi and seaweed; all refillable and free!  T8

We were completely overwhelmed by the size of the portion when the dish arrived and had to motivate each other to finish. Thank goodness we didn’t go overboard and order more than one dish. And did we finish?


This stew was lovely. It was full of flavor and the myriad of ingredients was a perfect combination. The soup was tasty with a balance of sour and sweetness and a touch of spiciness.T4

Despite being all over the soup, we only managed to get through half the pot (picture below). This dish can easily cater for 4 people. It was definitely a waste on our side, but like I always say, it is better to waste than it going to the waist!


All in all, I was really impressed. The staff were charming, the ambiance unique and most importantly the food was delicious and priced reasonably. We’ll definitely be going back!


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