today i am grateful

It’s a sunny Sunday afternoon and I’m lounging in the hall enjoying a cup of strong coffee. Lunch is over. The dishes are washed, dried and kept away. Now, there’s nothing to do apart from enjoying this moment and I think to myself, “I’m so lucky.”

I’m a huge believer in being thankful for the people, experiences and things in our life… even the littlest of things that sometimes go unnoticed, like time – time to savour a cup of coffee or read a book in the comfort of my own home).

A couple of months ago, my sis-in-law gave me a beautiful handmade notebook which she bought from Cambodia. I immediately thought of using it as a gratitude journal. How fun! I placed the colourful notebook and a pen on my bedside table with the intention of jotting down five things that brought joy and comfort to my day, every day. It seemed a simple enough task but unfortunately, I let my busy days get the better of me and didn’t even begin journaling.

So here’s to a new start. Today I’m grateful for:
• A perfect cup of coffee.
• Amazing conversations with family.
• A new bag – I love it! I love it!
• Good health – I never think about my health unless it’s failing but I’m so thankful it’s not : )
• An upcoming trip to the heritage city, Penang. We booked our hotel today. Yay.

Let’s make having gratitude a daily priority. I bet we’ll notice a multitude of things to be thankful for.

PS. Dear readers, many of you already know that Google Reader is shutting down tomorrow (July 1, 2013). If you’d like to follow Peonies and Pancakas, you could always stay in touch by friending our Facebook page and dropping by Twitter (we provide a link to all our daily posts here). There’s also BlogLovin’ and Pinterest (so much of gorgeousness there). Thank you so much!


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