Mille Crepe by Vanilla Cakes

mille crepe at vanilla cafeSo there I was going on and on about how much I love mille crepes when my friends cut me off to say, “Have you tried the ones by Vanilla Cakes?” I hadn’t. For shame! How could I call myself a mille crepe lover and never even heard of this famous outlet? I immediately made a mental note to check it out pronto.

A couple of days later, Jon and I found ourselves at Paradigm Mall and of course, I just had to sample these much hyped about dessert. There was a long queue at the counter (always a good sign – here’s why). The many flavours available made it a tad difficult to decide but in the end, we opted for good ‘ol vanilla and chocolate. Now, I’m no dessert afficiando but these mille crepes were seriously good. Not too icky sweet even with all that cream and those layers provided wonderful texture, a real palate pleaser.

charcoal mille crepeoreo mille crepeThere’s a flavour for everyone here. While I stick to the safe chocolaty ones, my friends opt for oreo, bamboo charcoal and tiramisu – all yummy!

Have you stopped by Vanilla Cakes before? What do you think? I’d also love to hear of other places where one can find a delicious slice of mille crepe.

Paradigm Mall: 016-410 2835 / Subang Jaya: 017-340 2835 / Kajang: 017-340 2816

PS. If you’re into mille crepes, you must try the nutella one we ordered for Jon’s 30th birthday. It was amazing!


3 thoughts on “Mille Crepe by Vanilla Cakes

    • Hi Venesa, unfortunately we didn’t make these cakes ourselves (we wish we did!). These cakes are from the cafe called Vanilla Cakes. I’m not sure if they’re looking for dealers but you could contact them directly if you’re interested.

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