DIY Happy Birthday Glitter Banner

Happy Birthday BannerI stumbled upon gorgeous gold glitter banners (like this and this or this) and thought it’d be the perfect thing to add for Jon’s 30th birthday party. If money was overflowing, I would have just purchased a ‘Happy Birthday’ banner directly from Etsy and be done with it. But, since spending over RM70 for a banner that would be up for a day (at most) seemed a little outrageous, I had to do the next best thing – make one!

DIY Happy Birthday Glitter Banner 1DIY Happy Birthday Glitter Banner 2DIY Happy Birthday Glitter Banner 3DIY Happy Birthday Glitter Banner 4DIY Happy Birthday Glitter Banner 5

Here’s what you need:

  • thick glittered cardstock (make sure you get really thick paper so that it holds up once cut) or glittered foam (I used gold glittered foam like this one)
  • regular paper for printing out letters
  • x-acto knife or a pair of sharp scissors
  • hole punch
  • 0.5 cm thick ribbon (2.5 m long is more than sufficient)
  1. Some people are good with free hand but I’m certainly not one of those people. I resorted to printing ‘Happy Birthday’ using the ‘Franklin Gothic Heavy’ font at size 600 on Microsoft Word. To save ink, I changed the letters to an outline rather than a full fill.
  2. Once printed on regular paper, I cut out each letter following the outline using an x-acto knife.
  3. Then, I traced the letters onto the back of the gold glitter foam. Make sure to reverse letters that require it. I kept forgetting and made quite a few mistakes here.
  4. Cut out each glitter letter using the x-acto knife.
  5. Next, punch out two holes about 1.5 cm apart at the top of each letter using a hole punch.
  6. String your pretty ribbon through each set of hole punches and tadaa… you’re done!

This is a really simple and quick project and turned out beautifully! So lovely that I’m bringing this out for every birthday party we host : )


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