Bump In The Night

Bump In The Night

Hi, lovelies! How was your weekend? We’ve got a full week ahead of us but I’m already excited about next Saturday. It’s going to be wild and a little scary.

Living in Kuala Lumpur is great! I love our little city. We’ve got amazing restaurants, top-notch cinemas, shopping malls to keep you occupied for days, beautiful parks… the list goes on. The one thing I wish we had more of is an active art scene. Great stage plays are hard to come by. I cannot name an art cinema (like this one which I’m completely in love with). To watch a musical, I’d have to travel down to Singapore (the amazing Phantom of The Opera is starting there next month. If you haven’t seen it already, you must!). But it seems KL’s art community is growing fast. And for this, I couldn’t be happier.

This month, we’ve got the Cooler Lumpur Festival to look forward to. It’s got a line up to interest both the young and old. The theme of 2013: Word – a celebration of the written and spoken word in all its forms. Michelle, Su Yi and I (that’s the three of us at Peonies and Pancakes) are going for Bump in the Night next Saturday.

“Get ready to be spooked by a series of short films specially curated by Filemmakers Anonymous. Then, let Patrick Teoh & Jo Kukathas raise your goosebumps with their readings of ghostly tales”.

Doesn’t that sound fun?

And just to get you in the mood, here are a few behind the scene shots of famous horror movies.

The BirdsJawsAlienThe ShiningWill you join us?


2 thoughts on “Bump In The Night

  1. ooo, this sounds like a spine-chilling, bone-rattling, goose bump-inducing event! i’m not big on scares (i watch horror movies with the lights on), but i hope you guys survive to tell the tale of what happened! 😀

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