Review: Givenchy Smile ‘n Repair Serum

Givenchy Smile 'n Repair Wrinkle Expert Cream

You might already know that I’m a big believer in natural products (Find out why here). If I can’t understand what goes into my lotions and soaps, the product will most likely stay on the shelf. However, as of a couple of months ago I’ve been using Givenchy’s Smile ‘n Repair Intensive Wrinkle Correction Serum. No, I didn’t fall for the marketing, decide to ditch my philosophy on skin care and buy the product. As it turned out (surprise, surprise!), I won a little competition and the prize was this much talked about anti-aging serum.

Personally, I feel that prevention is the best way to tackle the aging skin issue. A healthy lifestyle (exercise, no smoking, limited alcohol, a balanced diet) goes a long way, as does daily use of a good sunscreen. Can’t stress that enough! Still, when I got my hands on Givenchy’s serum, I have to admit I was a little excited to see if this was indeed a miracle worker. After all, Vogue UK named it one of their best anti-aging products (Go here for the complete list).

Givenchy claims that this new age-defying treatment helps to correct the appearance of wrinkles as we move muscles in our face. Hence the name – Smile ‘n Repair. With regular use, skin is meant to look luminous and texture more refine and smooth.

So, did it work?

Application Method:
The product comes with detailed instructions of how to apply the serum. I followed this diligently for the first few days but later relaxed and simply focused on wrinkle prone areas such as around the mouth and neck.


  • Has a pleasant, subdued fragrance with hints of floral scents.
  • Is absorbed quickly into the skin with no oily/sticky residue.
  • Is very moisturizing.
  • Is non-comedogenic – I have sensitive skin but this product has not caused me to suffer from any breaks outs.
  • Beautiful packaging. I know this has nothing to do with the effectiveness of the product, but hey, it matters!


  • Relatively expensive – Retails for roughly RM300 for just 30ml of serum.
  • Does not come with a complete list of ingredients.
  • Although we’re meant to use the serum around our eyes, I found it to be extremely irritable and stopped using the serum around that area. If you’re looking for a product to tackle crows feet around they eyes, maybe it’s best buying something formulated specifically for the eye area.
  • After months of using the product, I do not see any difference.

For those of us still in our 20’s and 30’s, I think a good moisturizing night cream and daily sunscreen application is more than enough (for now). However, if you’re in need of some serious wrinkle treatment, Givenchy’s Smile ‘n Repair Intensive Wrinkle Correction Serum may just be the thing you’re after.

Will I repurchase this product?
Not until I’m 40! And even then, only if my neck resembles that of turkey wattle. Eeeek! I’ll also look out for a more reasonably priced anti-aging serum with ingredients known to produce results. So this might just be the first and last bottle of Givenchy’s serum I’ll ever use.


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