Colourful Wedding Dresses

Colourful wedding shoes were all the craze not too long ago. And now, it seems the trend has moved to colourful wedding dresses. What do you think? Would you forego the traditional white for something a little more bold and suited to your personality? Here are a few gorgeous dresses that might help you decide.

The ultra-feminine pink seems to be a very popular choice. Even celebrities like Anne Hathaway, Jessica Biel and Gwen Stefani opted for this romantic look.

pink wedding dress 2pink wedding dress 1

How about a feisty orange? I would have never thought an orange wedding dress could have worked but this bride proved me wrong. She looks absolutely lovely.

Orange Wedding DressOrange Wedding Dress2

Something blue? We’ve got that covered.

Blue Wedding Dress 2

And this dress makes me green with envy! How beautiful is this?

Green Wedding Dress

Sparkly metallic? Yes yes yes!


silver sparkly wedding dress

… Or gold…

gold sparkly wedding dressgold sparkly wedding dress2

Black seems an odd choice but hey, you can make it work.


Colour is the norm at cultural weddings. Here are a few of my favourites.

cheongsam1saree 2saree 1tawain-sequin-wedding-dresses 3

Would you trade in a white dress for one with colour? And if white weren’t an option, which would you choose? I’d love to hear.

PS. If you love the idea of colour but still want to stick to white, maybe this will give you an idea – A Rainbow Wedding.

(Pink dress photos by Once Wed; orange dress photos by Green Wedding Shoes; blue dress photos by Dominique Bader; green dress photos by 100 Layer Cake; silver dress photos by Wedding Chicks; gold dress photos by Ruffled; black dress photos by Once Wed; red cheongsam photo by Style Me Pretty; first saree photo by Style Me Pretty; second saree photo by Style Me Pretty; gold Taiwanese outfit by Once Wed)


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