Here’s To A Lovely Weekend

Cinnamon Sugar Breakfast PuffsHi, dearies! What are your plans for this weekend? We spent half of Saturday visiting family and now that I’m back home, I should be off to exercise (My sister and I have a pact that we must put in the time at least every other day). Yet, all I feel like doing right now is making these amaaaaazing Cinnamon Sugar Breakfast Puffs which will probably negate any exercising I do today. Nah, who am I kidding? It’ll definitely nullify all those calories lost. But wouldn’t warm cinnamon coated puffs be perfect with a cup of coffee? Maybe I’ll exercise first then bake. Yes, that sounds like a plan. I’ll post pictures if they turn out all yummy.

Tomorrow, my cousins and I are going to watch Jurassic Park Imax 3D. Have you seen the movie? I’m really looking forward to it. Even the 1993 release was a little scary… what more this version (Watch the trailer here). Will have to try my best not to scream. I remember this scene to be the most thrilling.

Jurassic Park Lab Scene Velociraptor

Hope you have a great weekend!

(Photo from Pinterest)


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