Spooky Skulls

Snapdragon Seed PodsSeriously. When I came across this picture a couple of days ago, I had to do a double-take. Did scientists unearth the skulls of miniature humans that lived millions of years ago? Or was this just a photoshopped image?

This was cause for a  little research of my own which led to the discovery that these grizzly shrunken skulls are in fact (drum roll please) snapdragon seed pods. Here they are actually growing on a stalk (the “skulls” grow facing up).

snapdragon_seed_pods2And here’s a photo of gorgeous snapdragons flowers. Aren’t they lovely?

Snapdragon Flowers

Who’d have thought these flowers would have such weird seed pods? Looks like Mother Nature has a playful side.

(Snapdragon seed pod photos from pinterest and iamtonyang; snapdragon flower photo from pinterest)


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