Artisan Coffee Bar

“Artisan means handcrafted. The cafes are constructed using materials that men have invested their lives into: wood, stone, brick, metal along with all the imperfections of man…”

“The espresso machines are made by craftsmen. The coffee beans are grown by people with pride ensuring they are the best. The beans are roasted by hand at RAW Coffee by two craftswomen. The coffee is prepared by pump meisters and mistresses who have the same pride as the growers.”


I feel pretty happy lately stumbling across so many beautiful coffee places that serve decent, if not great coffee. I’ve walked past Artisan Coffee Bar (ACB) many times during my visits to Bangsar Village 2 and never once had it occurred to me to try their coffee. I’m glad that changed today!

True to its concept, ACB is beautifully decorated with wood, stones, brick and metal. It oozes calm and creates a comfortable ambiance for you to enjoy your cup of coffee. The ACB branch at BV2 mostly serves drinks such as coffee, tea, juice but they do carry a limited variety of desserts. I learnt that their coffee beans are sourced, stored, roasted and prepared on their own. This I love!


As I was there alone during lunch time, I ordered a cup of latte and a carrot cupcake and sat myself along the bar. I think it is a brilliant idea to have stools around the bar catering to solo drinkers like myself.

The latte was really good. The temperature was just right (if you like your coffee warmer, make sure you let the barista know, they will accommodate your request), the aroma was good and the milk was steamed to perfection. It had a great balance of acidity and bitterness from the espresso and sweetness from the milk. Try to drink it without sugar first. I bet you will enjoy it as much as I did.


The carrot cupcake on the other hand was nothing to shout about. It was rather dry and the icing was hard. I would have preferred the cake to be moist and the icing to be slightly softer. I highly recommend this place for a good cup of joe if you are in Bangsar Village 2.


I am looking forward to another coffee session here as the coffee beans are harvested from around the world and so, the coffee beans used in Artisan Roast are always changing. I am bound to be greeted with a different taste at my next visit.

Artisan Coffee Bar
UG, Bangsar Village 2
2 Jalan Telawi Satu Bangsar Baru
59100 Kuala Lumpur
Business Hours: Mon – Sun, 10am till 10pm


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