Before Midnight

before-midnightWhen I was in studying in Melbourne, my apartment mate (she’s the best!) and I would sneak out regularly to catch late-night movies at the famous arthouse, Cinema Nova, on Lygon Street.

One of the movies we saw there was Before Sunset. It tells the beautifully romantic story of Jesse and Celine who first met nine years earlier on a train from Budapest to Vienna. Now, they meet again as Jesse lands in Paris for a reading of his new book. With only a few hours till his plane leaves, they spend a quiet afternoon in Paris, strolling around town and sharing their hopes and fears, memories and experiences. Although Jesse is now married with a son, their conversation finally turns to whether they still love each other. Their dialogue sounds so off-the-cuff, so unrehearsed and natural. You’re immediately drawn into the world of these lovers. Needless to say, my friend and I fell in love with the story from the get-go.

We quickly rushed home and made a plan to rent Before Sunrise, the first movie. The very next day, as soon as classes were over, we jumped onto a tram to the nearest place where we could rent a DVD, found Before Sunrise, rushed home and devoured the movie.

Before Midnight picks up 18 years after the pair first met on that Vienna bound train. Jesse and Celine are now married with twin daughters and live in Paris. Jesse’s kid has stayed back with his mom in America. The movie follows the couple over a day while holidaying in Greece and paints such a complex and raw portrait of marriage.

Celine: I feel close to you.
Jesse: Yeah?
Celine: But sometimes, I don’t know? I feel like you’re breathing helium and I’m breathing oxygen.

Here are a few shots from the trilogy.

Before Sunrise, 1995

before_sunrise__1995 before-sunrise-1995 2

Before Sunset, 2004


Before Midnight, 2013

Before Midnight 1Before Midnight 2

You’ll love all three movies.

PS. It’s been nearly two decades but these two don’t age!


9 thoughts on “Before Midnight

  1. i’m definitely looking forward to Before Midnight, though i think my favorite will always be the first movie, since it brings back memories of a younger, more hopeful time in our lives. i love that scene where they glance furtively and repeatedly at each other while listening to music in that record store booth, and the first kindling of the romance is sparked 😀

    • Wow, Sean! You remember the movie so vividly. It’s a real shame that Before Midnight is not going to show at our cinemas. I wish there was a real arthouse here in KL.. Often times I get a lil bored with the usual run of the mill Hollywood stories.

      • yes, it’s sad, cos i do think that if Before Midnight came to KL and played at one or two malls, maybe Pavilion & KLCC, there’d be enough business to sustain the show for a week, since many of us have watched & loved the show on DVD, and we’d like to catch this new edition on the big screen in a darkened hall. i watched Now You See Me last weekend, and while it was a fairly enjoyable mainstream blockbuster, it did make me yearn for a movie where people just talk and show real emotion. that’s the kind of thing, the substantial stuff, that would still be remembered 10, 20 years later 😀

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