128 Faubourg, Salon by Sothys

1As I walk into 128 Faubourg at Empire, I am greeted by my friendly beautician Kar Mun. She first examines my skin and recommends a suitable facial treatment that is within my budget. My usual facial routine alternates between the sensitivity ampoule treatment and the hydrating ampoule treatment which costs RM 190 per treatment. It is extremely important for you to inform your beautician of your budget as some treatments can go up to RM 500 per session.

2Small and cosy room

4Tube towel and shower cap

3Warm bubble foot bath

I am ushered to my facial room (dimly lit to create a soothing atmosphere) to find a bubble foot bath awaiting me. Once I change into a loose tube towel and a shower cap, the treatment begins with a warm, bubble foot massage. This is so relaxing! Next, the beautician pats my feet dry before I tuck into bed for the facial. A soft plush pillow is placed under my legs which makes a whole lot of difference when you have to lie on the facial bed for 2 hours.

Here’s what happens next.

  1. As you get comfortable in bed, the beautician rubs a few drops of essential oil between her hands before placing her palms just above your nose. The smell of the warm essential oil is always feels so therapeutic and calming.
  2. If you have any make-up on, she will very gently remove your make up with a make-up remover making sure that she doesn’t tug on your skin.
  3. A simple milk-based cleanser is used to cleanse your face followed by a purifying gel cleanser to double cleanse, making sure all impurities are removed.
  4. An exfoliating scrub (“gommage”) is then used and let to dry on your skin. As the gommage dries, the beautician begins to massage your back and shoulders. I always wish this never ends! I love massages and her strokes are firm and strong – just the way I like it. You can request for the intensity and strength of your liking.
  5. Once the gommage is fully dried, she proceeds to slough off the dead cells on your skin by scrubbing away the gommage.
  6. Following the exfoliation, “desquacrem” is applied to thoroughly cleanse the skin by unclogging follicles as well as eliminating dead cells. It is believed that desquacrem adds clarity and brightness to the complexion. (You can get it here and here).
  7. A steamer is then directed at your skin to open up pores and to prepare your skin for the extraction process. I find this totally painless as the beautician is patient and expertly skilled to remove all stubborn impurities gently.
  8. With the extraction part over, my chosen ampoule is massaged into my skin. The face massage is always the highlight of this facial. Once again, her strokes are firm, relaxing and comforting. At this point, knowing that the facial is almost over, I start wishing (again) that it will never end. This is also the point at which I sometimes fall soundly asleep.
  9. A mask is then placed on your face for 15 minutes.
  10. After removing the mask, she moisturizes your face and neck and uses a warm towel to wipe your shoulders and back.
  11. To mark the end of your facial, the beautician gives your shoulders a very short massage.
  12. Once you change back into your clothes and make your way out to the counter, you will be served warm tea and some cookies.



As I look into the mirror, I see that my skin looks notably refreshed, supple, revived and reenergised. There was a subtle radiance to it! Unlike some other hydrating facials, I did not find my skin to be oily after the whole experience. The use of the shower cap is also a brilliant idea as I did not have to leave the salon with post facial hair (Read: Messy). One important point to note is that Kar Mun did not try to hard sell me any of the products which is a great thing as most other salons try their best to sell and sell and can be very annoying.

If you are new to 128 Faubourg Salon, do request for their special introductory price. And if you’re going to the Empire branch, it’ll do you good to ask for Kar Mun. I think she gives one of the best facial treatments there and has been very consistent throughout all of my visits.

I’ve used Sothys’ products before but felt that it did not make much of a difference to my skin. Their facials, on the other hand, are definitely a worthwhile treat. I enjoyed every minute from start to end.


Ladies, you can also consider treating your partner to a facial session as they also have packages for men. I believe everyone is entitled to a little pampering now and then. My boyfriend still refuses to let any therapist touch his face; therefore I have been giving him facials at home. But if your partner is game, why not a facial treatment?

9Treatments available for men.



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