elie saab veil

When we got married, I decided to forego wearing a veil. It’s not that I don’t think veils are gorgeous. No, no! On the contrary, I think there’s something utterly feminine and a little mysterious about wearing a veil. The choice not to wear one was simply because of our wedding location – it felt a little silly wearing a veil for a very modern wedding in an old club. Perhaps I would have picked a lovely delicate one if we were getting married in a church or a gorgeous garden.

These veils are so romantic. Would you wear one for your wedding day?

For an outdoor setting, you could choose to incorporate flowers with your veil. Perfect!

Flowers with VeilOr pick wispy white tulle which can look both bohemian…

Bohemian Veils… Or regal

Regal VeilsAnd how about going vintage with a pretty birdcage veil?

Vintage Birdcage Veil

I think veils have come back in a big way! Which is your favourite?

(Images from Pinterest)


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