Chye Seng Huat Hardware (CSHH)


Don’t be fooled by the name and the exterior of this shop! From the outside it looks like a run-down old school hardware shop from the 80s when in fact, it is a hip and stylish coffee bar. It also features a coffee roastery, a coffee school and a private coffee tasting room.


CSHH was opened by the guys behind Papa Palheta and Loysel’s Toy. Papa Palheta is an independent indie coffee boutique that specializes in roasting and purveying specialty coffee in Singapore. Thanks to Hadi and ML for driving us there despite us going in rounds, having missed the entrance. As pictured, the front entrance is closed so don’t miss the garage door next to the main building that is left slightly ajar. Beyond that door, you will find the unexpected.

CSH 3You will be greeted by customers chatting away enjoying their coffee and food.


As you walk into the main room, you will instantly be hit by the strong aroma of coffee, music from a record player that plays vinyl music and the charming rustic décor.  The generous use of metal and wood lends an authentic and unique air to this café. The center of the room houses a coffee bar that is shaped like an island, and that is where all the action is. My heart skipped a beat! I was definitely in awe! It really brought back memories of the wonderful cafes in Melbourne.  Along the side of the wall, you will see retail goodies shelved on iron metals welded together.


CSH 55

The staff are friendly and seemed to genuinely enjoy the company of their customers. Although it was packed to the brim, we managed to find a seat outside. Despite the scorching hot sun, I was determined to try out their much raved about coffee. I observed their barista at work – she would pull shot after shot of espresso then skillfully pour foamed milk to create beautiful latte art. I asked for tiger art but the lovely barista said she was not quite there yet. Well, a heart and swan did the trick too.


The coffee was good – strong with a slightly bitter, acidic aftertaste. The milk was steamed to perfection. It was a marriage resulting in a thick, rich and creamy cup of coffee. I loved it! I think it would be great to have it first thing in the morning to kick start your day. As the coffee may be too strong and bitter for some, you could always add a little sugar to make it sweet.


CSH 11

CHSS also serve desserts, pastries and brunch. As we visited the café right after lunch (and had also packed some macaroons from the newly opened Laduree outlet at Takashimaya), we had no choice but to give the desserts and pastries a miss this time. This was tough as the desserts on display looked lovely.

CSH 10

Despite the summer heat, it was still pretty therapeutic to have a cup of Joe with the company of KM, ML and Hadi. I would highly recommend this place if you like a beautiful, strong cup of espresso. It is definitely not advisable to drop by over the weekend as it is way too crowded and you would be lucky to find a place to sit and enjoy your coffee or food. Perhaps a quiet weekday afternoon would be a better experience.


50 Tyrwhitt Road, Singapore 207563,
Tel: +65 6396 0609
Opening hours:
9am to 7pm (Tue –Thu)
9am to 10pm (Fri – Sun)
Closed on Mondays


2 thoughts on “Chye Seng Huat Hardware (CSHH)

  1. i definitely wouldn’t have guessed that there were a bustling cafe behind those walls! looks like it manages to strike a very nice balance between nostalgic charm and contemporary cool 😀

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