Three Years Later

Three years ago today, Jon and I got married in front of 150 of our dearest family and friends in Bankers Club, right in the heart of KL. Three years ago! And it seems like just yesterday. I know its cliché to say, but gosh, how time flies.

I remember the day exactly. I felt a such mix of emotions: excitement, joy and also, a little nervousness. Nervous about whether everything would turn out just as we planned (it did!), not the getting married bit (I was more than certain about that). We’ve been friends for almost 12 years now and I can truly say that he is the perfect match for me.

walking down the aisle

This was my happiest moment – walking down the aisle together! I felt like literally jumping for joy. We were finally husband and wife. Oh and just so you know, our recessional song was the instrumental version of “Black or White” by Michael Jackson. The crowd went wild dancing and cheering.

Reflecting back on the day our marriage began, I feel so lucky. What a wonderful three years I’ve had. And I can’t wait to celebrate many, many more anniversaries in years to come.

Jon, I love you with all my heart.


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