Not Eating Animals

Lisa Simpson the vegetarian

It has been almost 4 years now since I gave up eating meat. At the time, I imagined a diet full of green salads sprinkled with nuts and fruit juices in the morning. Glowing skin and shiny hair. Sadly, this isn’t the case at all! Preparing fresh meals are a challenge especially on days when I arrive home at 7pm, tired and hungry. Piping hot curries and steaming basmati rice is just the thing my stomach craves. The complete opposite of rabbit food.

Finding reasonably priced yummy vegetarian food in restaurants is a bit of a challenge as well. Unless I’m willing to fork out around RM30 for a salad, my other options consist of “maggi mee, tak mau ayam” or “roti canai”. There are days when I think – Heck, maybe I should just indulge in a steak and fries. How bad can it be?

Reading this reminded me why I made that decision many moons ago. Have a read. Its worth your time.

Where do you stand on the whole vegetarian vs eating meat debate? I’d love to know. And have you ever tried giving up meat before – even if for just a week as an experiment? What was it like?

PS. Two of my favourite vegetarian recipes: Spinach quiche and roasted tomato soup. Works every time!


4 thoughts on “Not Eating Animals

  1. I could have written this! I have been a veggie for four years and sometimes I feel like I live off crisps and sweets! Tut tut, thanks for the recommended article, going to have a read now x

    • Oh I feel your pain! But we made that decision for a reason. Hope the article reminds you why. How’ve you been liking being a veggie so far? Though they’ve been some challenges, I’m still really happy meat is not an option for me : )

  2. While I’m not a vegetarian, we don’t eat very much meat at our home either. The documentary Food Inc. really had a lasting impact on me and made me question everything I buy for my family at the grocery store.

    • Hi Suzanne, I know exactly what you mean. Its so important to stop and make decisions about the food we eat and the processes that goes into getting meat onto our plate. I think everyone should be at least informed so they can start looking at alternative options.

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