Espressolab @ Gardens Mall, Kuala Lumpur

Coffee at Espressolab

I can’t wait to share this coffee place with our lovely readers. It has become one of my favourite coffee places in town, by far! Last weekend, while I was in The Gardens Mall to catch Iron Man 3 (it was an enjoyable movie), I stumbled upon Espressolab! Its décor is simply and fuss free. With no main food on their menu (they serve a limited variety of desserts and pastries, though), this little place specializes in brewing the perfect cup of coffee.

Espresso Lab 1

We placed our orders at counter and sat on wooden benches while we waited patiently for the barista to brew our coffee. On striking up a conversation with the barista, we discovered that the café uses Arabica coffee beans and that these beans are roasted by Espressolab! Hooray to freshly roasted beans. I also spied Australian Farmhouse milk! As long as Australian milk is used, I believe half the battle is won.

Espresso Lab 2

I ordered the Latte and received it exactly how I like my coffee. I could really taste a notable difference in the brew that was deep in flavour and rich in aroma. The coffee art presented was also nothing short of impressive. I could not bear to drink the bear away but had to in the end because the coffee was too good to resist.

Latte Espresso Lab

My partners flat white on the other hand was a bit of a let-down and tasted rather bland. The milk might have been overheated or perhaps the espresso was not brewed as well as it should have been. He felt that the flat white from Whisk fared much better.

Flat White Espresso Lab

Still, based on that Latte alone, I’m looking forward to the opening of Espressolab at Empire Subang and was told that new outlets will be popping up around town soon. In the meantime, you can visit other Espressolab outlets in Publika Solaris Dutamas, 1-Utama, The Curve, Bangsar Shopping Center and Pavilion.

If you’ve had a tiring day shopping and need a caffeine jolt, a stop at Espressolab is a must. Although very limited seats are available and the passageway is not well ventilated and oh, you might get a couple of stares from all those passersby, I promise, the coffee will make up for all these shortcomings. Find it near the passageway between Midvalley Megamall and The Gardens Mall, directly opposite TGIF.

PS. Our favourite place to grab a coffee in Singapore.


4 thoughts on “Espressolab @ Gardens Mall, Kuala Lumpur

  1. i do hope an espressolab pops up someday in my neighborhood of sri petaling too! it’s probably not very likely, but i’m keeping my fingers crossed, cos we don’t have any lattes as lovely as the ones made here by the lab geniuses! 😀

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