Lessons From My Mother

Mother’s Day is today! The three of us at Peonies and Pancakes absolutely adore our mom and would love to share the little things they’ve taught us over the years.

Michelle Edit

  • Always love and care for your family.
  • A key to your husbands’ heart is to feed his stomach.
  • Always wear sunblock.
  • How to make the yummiest chicken and beef rendang.
  • Don’t have too many boyfriends.

Su Yi & Her Mom

  • How to be independent – I remember her being the most chilled out mom you could have since I was young. She was never overly restrictive and trusted me to be responsible.
  • Cooking (a.k.a survival) skills which helped me survive all those years of living away from home.
  • To always treasure the people around you and things that we have.
  • The joy of reading.
  • The importance of eating well – Never skip breakfast and always have fruits before your meal (although more often than not I’ve failed to do this).

Tanuja & Her Mom

  • Be polite and kind to everyone – It doesn’t matter if you’re talking to the CEO or a waiter.
  • When you hug someone, really hug them. My mom gives the fullest hug! It’s the best.
  • Set high standards for yourself.
  • When someone invites you out for dinner, don’t order the most expensive item on the menu.
  • Adding a little espresso to any chocolate recipe really helps to bring out all that chocolatey goodness.

We love you, mummy.


 Tell us all the wonderful things your mom taught you. We’d love to hear.


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