Review: Make Me Star Gel Eyeliner by The Face Shop

I was at Empire the other day to stock up on my brother’s cleanser and toner from The Face Shop. The buy 1 – free – 1 sign caught my attention and I went on a little frenzy purchasing a lot of unnecessary facial products. The salesgirl recommended the gel eyeliner; I was a bit reluctant at first because The Face Shop is not known to me for having good make up products. Still, I gave the product the benefit of the doubt and did a little swatch of the eyeliner on my hand. I was sold!

I purchased the Choco Latte Gel Eyeliner (RM 29.90) and this review will be based on this colour.MAKE ME STAR WATERPROOF GEL LINER FINAL REVIEW PROS CONS


  1. The eyeliner was soft and smooth
  2. Application was easy
  3. Waterproof
  4. Sweat resistant
  5. Doesn’t smudge or smear easily
  6. Long lasting – I have had it on for 10 hours and it still looked good!
  7. Has good pigment and its glittery
  8. Also doubles up as an eye shadow – a rubber tip is provided to smudge the eyeliner as soon as you have applied it. But I think you are better off using your fingers or brush as the eyeliner sticks onto the rubber tip.

Review on Waterproof Test


  1. You need to sharpen it
  2. A lot of product goes to waste due to sharpening
  3. Might not be suitable for the waterline


Despite the poor grammar that caught my attention “Make Me Star” instead of “Make Me a Star”, this product is fantastic for the price. I think it is a great replacement for my MAC Eye Kohl Pencil Eyeliner (last purchased at SGD 28/RM 70) for my day to day wear, and I will reserve my MAC for special occasions. Although The Face Shop eyeliner claims to be a “gel” eyeliner, I feel that it has the consistency of “kohl” eyeliner. This eyeliner is very easy to apply but allow about 4 to 5 minutes for the eyeliner to really set in; then you’re good to go for the rest of the day! The best attribute of this eyeliner is that it is smudge proof. I’ll definitely repurchase it. Best of all, you can get this product at a bargain. I only paid RM 29.90 for 2 sticks of gel eyeliner!

You can also purchase this at G-Market for a steal at Korean Won 5,500 (~ RM 16) + RM 7 delivery.


3 thoughts on “Review: Make Me Star Gel Eyeliner by The Face Shop

  1. hi, just a question. if the pencil itself if plastic, how do you sharpen it? do you actually need to shave off part of the tip? thank you! 🙂

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