De Bortoli Shiraz Viognier 2006

De Bortoli Review Final

Aroma and flavor: A soft silky flavor of blackberry, raspberries, dark plums, oaky cedar, mulberry, hint of vanilla and Asian spices. The small addition of viognier has added a very subtle complexity and lightens the harsh peppery characteristics of the red grape Shiraz. When you swirl this glass of wine, a fragrant bouquet leaps out to greet you.

Appearance: Vibrant red with purple edges

Body: Dry, medium bodied wine

I really enjoyed drinking this wine. It’s dark and spicy but yet so ethereally fragrant and elegant at the same time. This wine lingers on your palate for quite some time with its dry and spicy finish. I find it to be full of character, with good structure, engaging and sexy.

Viognier is a white wine grape that pairs really well with Shiraz. Viognier is actually pronounced as “vee-oh-NYAY”. 

PS.  Wine 101 and another great wine to try.


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