Whisk Espresso Bar / Bake Shop, Empire Subang


One of my favourite coffee places in Subang would definitely be Whisk. They also serve cakes, macarons, sweet and savoury pastries.

Whisk is nestled on the lower ground floor of Empire Gallery Shopping Mall just a few shops away from Jaya Grocer. The cafe exudes a casual cosy and quaint ambiance with retro finishing. The shop is small and narrow with very little seating space. The wooden stools are not particularly comfortable to sit on but the coffee, ahh the coffee, makes it all worth while.

I love coffee and I know my coffee. In fact, I get a little upset when I’m served bad coffee. It gets even worse when I have to pay so much for a lousy cuppa joe.

But Whisk has consistently delivered good quality coffee. I’ve ordered the Latte, Flat White and Moccachino Con La Nutella and never once been disappointed.

I noticed that the coffee bean packets on display at the counter was from Oriole Roasters in Singapore… hands down one of my favourite coffee place in Singapore (exact location: Somerset 313). For this review, let’s talk about the Flat White.

Flat White @RM 10

The flat white came with very well textured milk. Visually it was velvety, lovely crema with good colour. The first sip was heavenly! The temperature of the coffee was good. If it is too hot, you know that the milk was probably steamed longer than it should be. The perfect temperature range is between 60 -70 degrees. The milk itself was creamy and balanced the coffee really well. The espresso definitely did break through the milk. Overall, the flat white had a very distinct coffee taste and a nice velvety finish to it. You’ll know if it is a good cup of coffee, as after the first sip, a smile of contentment will always follow.

Flat White

Whisk is definitely one of my favorite places to grab coffee if I am in Empire. I know they serve pretty good desserts; we will leave that review to another day. Whisk is not a particularly great hang out place due to its limited seating capacity and uncomfortable stools, but if you want good coffee, definitely give it a try!

PS. If you’re in Singapore, this cafe serves up some great coffee, too.


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