You might have guessed that I’m a travel junkie. And you’re absolutely right. This morning I feel like packing my bags and going on a holiday. I feel like ditching work for a cup of coffee and and a red velvet cupcake. Oh, I feel like going to Malacca to spend an entire day at Limau Limau Cafe, sipping their banana choc milkshake and reading a really good book . The kind of book that draws you into its world (like this did!). So much so that the next time you glance up to look at the clock, hours have passed.

Gosh, do I feel like travelling! Not the usual kind I do – where everything is planned – hotels, interesting sights, even restaurants. I want to explore a country. Today, I feel like India. I want to take my time – stopping at old temples, buildings, and cafes (ok, maybe not any old cafe since my tummy might complain). And I’d love to spend time with my amazing friend there. It’s been years since we met, almost 3, to be exact.

These images started all this dreaming.


Here’s a lil something to further evoke magical thoughts of India.

Have any of you been? Did you love India? Tell me all…

PS. Outrageous hotels I’m dying to visit.

(All photos from Pinterest)


5 thoughts on “India

      • I’m going for three months starting in Kerala and traveling up to Kathmandu in Nepal. I have no real plans at the moment i’m just going top see where the trip takes me 🙂 Thank you. x

  1. Wow, your plans (or rather the lack of it..hehe..) sounds perfect. Just let the winds take you wherever it blows. Have an awesome trip, Claire. Tell us how much you enjoyed it when you’re back. We’d love to know.

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