Du Viet & Ippudo – The Tale Of Two Restaurants

Remember the day my friends and I headed to Pavilion? Well, besides spending a good two hours in Jo Malone and catching a movie, we ate a lot. Let me share.

First up, lunch. I suppose this comes as no shock to most of you but Pavilion during lunch hour is really crowded. Really, really crowded. So crowded that most restaurants had a snaking line outside – minimum waiting time: 20 minutes. That was far too long for us so instead, we scoured the mall for a quieter place to fill our already rumbling tummies. Du Viet Restaurant was just that place. We were all rather excited to try some authentic Vietnamese food; at least, that’s what the waiter said to tempt us in. Unfortunately, the food was anything but yummy. My dad always says, “Malaysians know where to eat. If a place is empty, it’s empty for a reason.” I should have listened.


Luckily, dinner was much better. This time, we took no chances and waited the required 15 minutes for a table. The restaurant was crowded (yay.. a good sign) and extremely noise but the staff were quick on their feet and polite. Most importantly, Ippudo served up the yummiest Ramen I’ve ever tasted. Until I make my way to Hakata, the origin of this famous chain, Ippudo will do just fine. Can’t wait for my next visit.

Here are a few shots of the restuarant.


And our food.


Give Ippudo a try. You won’t be disappointed.


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