Amazingly Outrageous Hotels

4 amazingly outrageous hotels

I’ve been day dreaming about going on a little holiday and actually, am in the midst of planning one (more about that in a later post). But aren’t these hotels to die for?

1. Live in the wood-based mountain village at the Magic Mountain Lodge in Chile. They say the water here is absolutely pure. Look at it streaming down your lodge.

2. Want to admire the nortern lights and millions of stars in a crystal clear sky? Travel to Finland and book yourself into a glass igloo equipped with a toilet and luxury beds. It’s built from a special thermal glass so the igloo never gets frosted, giving you perfect clear views, even when the temperature outside drops to under -30°C.

3. Stay at the Giraffe Manor in South Africa and you’ll find yourself having breakfast with the friendly giraffes that live there. Perfect!

4. The Mirrorcube room in Sweden is absolutely beautiful! The founders were inspired by the question, “Why not create a hotel that gives people a chance to experience nature amongst the tree-tops, while also providing a uniquely designed housing experience?” I say, mission accomplished.

Which would you choose? I simply can’t decide.


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