Dating Etiquette 101: What To Expect On A First Date?

You have managed to land yourself on a first date. Congratulations!

First Date

Now that you have met someone you like, you’re probably worried, nervous and happy at the same time – thinking of every possible circumstance – how will the date unfold?

Well, DON’T! The key to a successful first date is to keep it simple and fun. Don’t put any pressure on yourself (or your date).

Remember, a perfect first date can be a potential turning point in your life.

My Top 6 Tips for Men (from a lady’s point of view)

1. Always plan your date and be organized

Make sure you make a reservation if you are going for a lunch or dinner date. It sends us girls a message that you’ve made an effort.Try not to go to the movies as this does not give you the opportunity to communicate and get to know each other better.

2. Be confident, assertive but not aggressive

We like a man who oozes confidence but nothing is worse than for your date to feel that you are being aggressive.If the place you have made a reservation messed up the time or did not even have you on the list, don’t fret! Be polite and suggest a different location (backup plan). This shows us your gentle and polite side. Don’t kick up a fuss and curse under your breath.

3. Keep the conversation light

Keep the conversation between you and your date light hearted. It is best not to touch on subjects such as previous relationships, one night stands, drunken nights, politics and religions. Remember – we’re talking about first dates here. You can always ask her about herself and the things that she enjoys doing. People love talking about themselves, but make sure the conversation goes two ways.

Be attentive and maintain eye contact. Also, try to keep the conversation going. Nothing is worse than a 5 to 10 minute period of awkward silence.

4. Do not order for your date

Granted, some of us girls are a little indecisive. If you ask your date, “What would you like to eat?” and she responds with, “Anything lah”, she doesn’t actually mean “Anything lah”. So never ever order on her behalf.

The best thing to do is to give suggestions and let her decide. If you haven’t been to the restaurant before, you can ask for recommendations from your waiter/waitress.

5. Men, pick up the tab!

As I have mentioned here, you are expected to pick up the tab. Even if your date insists on paying, don’t accept. Decline politely.

6. Leave an impression

With the date coming to an end, if you have played your cards right, you should be leaving her with a pretty good impression. Highlight what a wonderful time you’ve had with her and pay her a compliment (not useless flattery, please). We love hearing that!

It’s time to bid goodbye. Should you lean in for a peck on the cheek or give her a warm hug?

This all depends…

Check on the signals. What signs or body language is she giving you?

  1. Hair flipping, hair twirling
  2. Laughing at your jokes
  3. Was she engaged throughout the date?
  4. Leaning in and touching your hand or your arm
  5. Lightly touching your thigh
  6. Constant eye contact from her
  7. Flirting with you
  8. Teases you

If you feel that you are getting all the right signals and you would like a second date, you can always do the following.

  1. You can lean in for a peck on her cheek; or
  2. A warm hug; or
  3. A big smile and genuine good bye speech might also seal the deal on a second date.

P.S. Would you go on a silent date?

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4 thoughts on “Dating Etiquette 101: What To Expect On A First Date?

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  3. It is good to be old fashioned!

    Some ladies might show these signs like lightly touching you on your forearm, etc…there are many kind of ladies out there and every individual have their own ways to show interest to their dates.

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