Review: The Beauty Blender

Beauty Blender Pros and Cons

You must be wondering what this egg shape thing is!

This is non-other than the much raved about beauty blender sponge which is used for the application of foundation, concealer, cream blushes, mineral makeup or powder. Designed by Hollywood make-up artist Rea Ann Silva, this blender is latex free, odor free and non-allergenic.

Interestingly enough, I fell prey to the great marketing of this product and paid almost SGD30 (~RM75) for it. Yes, I might be out of my mind but I was really curious to see whether this product lived up to the hype.

And did it?

Application method

  • Run the sponge under running water until it expands. Squeeze out the excess water. Wrap a towel around the sponge and give it another squeeze. The sponge should still be slightly damp.
  • Put some foundation on the back of your hand.
  • Dip the round end onto your foundation and lightly stipple/bounce on areas around your face such as the cheek, forehead and chin area.
  • Dip the pointy end onto your foundation and lightly stipple/bounce for hard to reach areas such as the areas around your eyes, lips and nose.
  • The sponge can be used dry but you’ll tend to absorb more product. I prefer to have my sponge wet as directed.


  1. Gives a great seamless dewy finish with no streaky finishing
  2. Perfect for light to medium coverage
  3. The texture of the sponge is suede like and definitely makes the foundation feels great on the skin.
  4. It is very easy to apply


  1. It is rather expensive (for a sponge)
  2. Requires very regular cleaning
  3. Requires slightly more time to apply
  4. Absorbs slightly more product (But if you wet your sponge really well, you will use less product)

Overall, I love it and will re-purchase this product. I love how it gave me a natural and even finish. It works better than a normal make up sponge, and best of all, my fingers are clean! If the sponge is cleaned regularly, it should have a life span of at least 6 months or more depending on your usage.

Tips: Make sure you don’t throw away the packaging, as the pedestal in the packaging is used to store your sponge after usage and after you have cleaned it. To remove the sponge from the packaging, push it down through the pedestal and make sure you don’t pull it up. 

If you are in Malaysia, you can also purchase your beauty blender here, at SASA or Sephora outlets.


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