Wine Of The Month: Penfolds Bin 389 2006

Penfolds 389 amended

This wine is best enjoyed now and for many more years to come because of it’s great ageing potential. It is also known as the “baby Grange” or the “poor man Grange” as it was matured in the same barrel used for the previous vintage Grange. As a result, this wine has definitely aged beautifully and gives a very balanced flavour to your palate. It has a great grip to the ending and a sense of completeness to it. I find it to be a bold and gutsy wine that has great depth.

Aroma and flavour: A complex flavour of blackberry, blackcurrant, mulberry, hint of vanilla and Asian spices.

Body: Medium to full bodied wine.

This wine is retailing from around RM 208.00 – RM 228.00.

Don’t forget to aerate your wine either in a decanter or in your wine glass. Aerating the wine allows the wine’s tannins to be broken down, allowing the full bouquet to be released. This is especially important for younger wines.


3 thoughts on “Wine Of The Month: Penfolds Bin 389 2006

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