Now you can arrange flowers, too

The Flower Recipe Book

This is genius! The Flower Recipe Book. What could be better?

I absolutely love having fresh flowers at home. Usually, my grandparents cut a few stems from their lush garden – lilies, roses, orchids. Sometimes, I treat myself to flowers a little more exotic – alliums, hyacinths, hydrangeas (oh, don’t you love hydrangeas?).

But everytime I come home and put these flowers in a vase, they tend to look a little… boring. Thank goodness by blah flower arranging days are far behind me because I’ve stumbled upon this great book. It’s filled with 125 flower recipes, simple enough for anyone to follow. The book is also packed with great ideas for selecting vases, what to look for when choosing flowers and techniques guaranteed to bring any arrangement to life. Yay. Double yay!

The Flower Recipe Book Arrangement

Grab this gem of a book from Amazon for roughly RM50.


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