The Simple Things In Life

Between work and bills, schedules and traffic jams, life can get a little hectic (t0 say the least). Most of us hurry from one engagement to the other, reach home when its dark, gobble some food in front of the telly, have a little chat with the family and by 11pm, we’re zonked. Set the alarm, off to bed. Ring ring! The whole routine starts again.

We tell ourselves that we’re still young. This is the time to work hard for our future. And we see all our friends having the same lives as us, so hey, this has just got to be the name of the game. To soothe ourselves, we spend heaps of money on shopping, spas, holidays. None of that is bad, but unless you’ve got heaps of cash, how often can we go on a RM500 full day spa? So I say – let’s find little things that can make us happy. And let’s do more of that, more often.

How about breakfast in bed over the weekend?

breakfast in bed

Or a movie marathon? Some of my all-time favs are “Gone With The Wind” and “The Artist”.


Have you seen those movies?

Another thing I love to do is plan a fancy dinner with good friends or a loved one mid-week somewhere new. Besides exploring another cafe/restaurant, it’s lovely to dress up a little and enjoy a night out on a Wednesday. The drone of the 5 day week seems cut in half as your brain starts thinking – Hey, this feels like Friday already.

3 of us

Thats the three of us! Friends for over 22 years.

Have a great week, dearies.


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